War For Southern Independence Resources

National Civil War Association
American Civil War Association
The United States Civil War Center at Louisiana State University
Civil War Homepage at the University of Tennessee
Valley of the Shadow Project at the University of Virginia
Civil War Institute at Carroll College
Civil War Resources at Dakota State University
Civil War History at Dartmouth College
Civil War Resources at the US Air Force Academy
Civil War Studies at the Smithsonian Institute
Civil War Resources at the Virginia Military Institute
Civil War Resources at Virginia Tech
Civil War Resources at the University of Milwaukee
Civil War Archives at the Indiana State Archives
Civil War Resources at the Canada Dept. of Defense
Virginia's Civil War
Kennesaw Civil War Museum
National Park Service Soldiers & Sailors System
The National Park Service Civil War Trust
The NPS African-American Civil War Monument
Civil War Books Homepage
A Civil War Reading List
The Florida Star

War for Southern Independence Historical Info.

Civil War Photographs
Civil War Photograph Gallery
Histories of Confederate Regiments
Confederate States Navy Information
Listing of Confederate Ships
CSS Hunley Web Site
The Blue & the Gray Magazine
The Typical Union Soldier
Statistics for US Wars
Lee's Retreat: The Final Days of the Civil War
Pro-Confederate Essay on The Battle of Chancellorsville
Orders of Battle for Major Civil War Engagements
Orders of Battle for Campaigns in the West
Order of Battle for the Battle of Helena
New Mexico Civil War Commemorative Congress
Searchable Index of Texas Confederate Pension Records
Confederate Currency Homepage
Money During the Civil War
Searchable Virginia Rosters
Mississippi Civil War Information

War For Southern Independence Genealogy Links

Part I: Government Resources
Alabama Department of Archives
Georgia Department of Archives
Georgia Genealogical Information
Index of Kentucky Death Records 1911-1992
Maryland State Archives
Texas Confederate Veteran's Pension List
Virginia Genealogy Home Page
Library of Virginia Genealogy Home Page
US Bureau of the Census
National Archives and Records Administration
Part II: Other Genealogy Resources
The Family Tree
Travelley Southern Families
The Genealogy Resource Page
The Genealogy Toolbox
National Genealogical Society
Genealogy Online
A Barrel of Links
Introduction to Genealogy and the American Civil War
Cajun Clickers Genealogy Page-Louisiana
The Electric Cemetery
The Genealogy Home Page
Genealogy Listservers, Newsgroups, and Special Home Pages
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
USCWC Guide to Researching People of the Civil War Era

War For Southern Independence Figures

Gen. Edward Johnson, CSA, Homepage
Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnett, CSA, Homepage
Brig. Gen. Lewis A. Armistead, CSA, Homepage
Gen. Ben McCulloch, CSA, Homepage
Gen. Robert E. Lee Memorial Homepage
Lt. Gen Thomas Jonathan Jackson Memorial Homepage
Maj. Gen J.E.B. Stuart Memorial Homepage
Lt. Gen. Cadmus Wilcox, CSA, Homepage
Maj. Robert Lewis Dabney Memorial Homepage
Vice President Alexander H. Stephens, CSA, Memorial Homepage
President Jefferson Davis, CSA, Memorial Homepage
The US Grant Network
The US Grant Association
Abe Lincoln Online
Gen. Joshua Chamberlain, USA, Homepage
Alabama Governor Thomas Watts 1863-1865
Alabama Governor Lewis Parsons 1865
Alabama Governor Robert Patton 1865-1867
Alabama Governor Wager Swayne 1867-1868
Alabama Governor William Smith 1868-1877

War For Southern Independence Battlefields

Staunton River Battlefield
The Civil War in Virginia
The Civil War in Wakulla County, Florida
Corinth Battlefield
The Battlefield Web (Virginia)
Fredricksburg National Battlefield Park
The Gettysburg Homepage
Manassas, Virginia, Homepage
Battle of Olustee, Florida
Shenandoah Valley Battlefields
The Naval Battle at Fort Morgan
Vicksburg Battlefield
Civil War Battles by State

National Park Service Battlefields:

Arkansas Post
Fort Sumter
Harper's Ferry
Kennesaw Mountain

Official Confederate Documents
The Crittiden Compromise
The Confederate Constitution
Mississippis's Resolution on the Right of Secession
Georgia's Declaration of Secession
Mississippi's Declaration of Secession
South Carolina's Declaration of Secession
Texas's Declaration of Secession
Confederate Map of Secession
Jefferson Davis's Farewell Address to the US Senate
Jefferson Davis's Inaugural Address as Confederate President
Jefferson Davis's Message to the CS Congress, 1861
Declarations of the Causes of the Seceding States
Christmas in the Confederate White House, by Varina Davis

Personal Confederate Documents
Personal Papers from Virginia and Pennsylvania
Personal Resources at the University of North Carolina
Personal Resources at Virginia Tech
Personal Resources at Virginia Military Institute
The University of Tennessee Online Manuscript Guide
Memoir of Capt. Samuel Brown Coyner
Diary of Nancy Emerson, 1862-1863
The Garber Family Letters, 1861-1863
Diary of Michael Hanger, 5th Virginia, 1861
Diary of Joseph Waddell, 1862-1863
Diary of Sarah Cordelia Wright, 1853
Slave Narratives of Augusta County, Virginia
Letter of Lt. Alexander Haskell, 1861
Letter of Charles Hutson, 1861
Letter of James Munnerlyn, 1862
Letter of Isaac Howard, 1862
Letter of Edward Rowe, 1863
Letter of John Caldwell, 1863
Letter of J.T. Kern, 1864
Letter of Lewis Warlick, 1864
Memoirs of Archibald Atkinson, Confederate Surgeon
Letter of J.C. Morris, 1863
Letter of William Testerman, 1864
Letter of Harvey Black, 1863
Letter of Daniel Blain
Letter of Unknown Soldier, 1864
Diary from Georgia, 1861
Diary of William J. Black
Papers of Henry H. Dedrick
Letter of John H. Ervine
Papers of Andrew Gatewood
Papers of Gen. Thomas J. Jackson
Papers of Matthew Fontaine Maury
Official Union Documents

The US Constitution
The Crittiden Compromise
Excerpts from the 1868 South Carolina Constitutional Convention
Virginia & Pennsylvania Newspaper Articles
Impact of Civil War Legislation in Texas
Testimony before Congress's Reconstruction Committee
National Archives Microfilm on C.W. Federal Court Records
Quotes from the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Address
Abraham Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincoln Online Resources
1858 Lincoln-Douglas Debates
The Life of Frederick Douglass
Mark Twain's Recollections of US Grant
Personal Union Documents

Personal Papers from Virginia and Pennsylvania
Personal Resources at the University of North Carolina
Personal Resources at Virginia Tech
Personal Resources at Virginia Military Institute
The University of Tennessee Online Manuscript Guide
Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War
Diary of Lida Bender, 1861-1865
Diary of Rachel Cormany, 1863
Diary of Samuel Cormany, 1863
Diary of Rev. Thomas Creigh, 1862-1865
Account of Seth Dickey
History of Blacks in Greencastle, Pennsylvania
Diary of William Heyser, 1862-1863
Civil War Reminiscenes of Catherine Hunsecker
Diary of Lt. Clay McCauley
Letters of Samuel W. North, 126th Pa.
Letters of Capt. Richard Burt, 76th Ohio
Excerpts from William Newby by G.J. George
Letter of Pvt. William Cooley, 1862
Letter of Andrew Sproul, 1863
Letter of A.J. Withrow, 1863
Letter of I. Shoger, 1865
Letters of Felix Voltz, Union drummer boy, 1865
Letter of Sallie Scott, 1865
Letter of Unknown Union Soldier, 1864
Letter of William Ruse, 1863
Letter of Levi Pennington
Diary of George Ervay, 1863
Diary of James Laughlin Orr, 1864
Letters of Galutia York, 1862-1863

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